Welcome to Animaster Wiki (My Wiki) Edit

Hello, I'm Animaster and Welcome to my wiki, if you want to join my wiki. i will make my pages of my characters and my story of my animations!

The Rules Edit

The Animaster Wiki Rules is here, follow the rules, don't break the rules.

  1. Don't post porn and gore
  2. Don't bully someone or me in wiki or chat
  3. Don't spam
  4. Do not raid my wiki or chat
  5. Don't Vandalism
  6. Do not use IP Logger Websites and do not click the IP Logger Link.
  7. Do not use more accounts.

Note: if you break the rules, you will be blocked from my wiki. so enjoy.

Strikes List Edit

  1. First Warning
  2. Second Warning
  3. Thrid Warning = Final Warning
  4. Final Warning = Blocked
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